Chatter marks with drum machines have been around for almost 40 years, and while waves in belt machines are newer, they can be just as frustrating. Visit our E-commerce store for Flooring, Supplies and Equipment, Read more about choosing the right grit sequence for your project, Click here for great deals on hardwood floor stains and dyes, Understanding the Differences between Carbon Brushes in the Clarke 7R and B-2+ Edgers. Tack the floor with water, a solvent product or tack cloth appropriate for the sealer and finish you are applying. Whether you use a brush, roller, lambswool or T-bar, the key to a good finish job is an even, uniform coating. The theory is that uneven coats of any low-sheen finish, especially satin or matte, can show up as shiny streaks or spots on a finished floor. When staining maple do not try and force dry times. Serving the Flooring, Woodworking & Moulding Industries Since 1930. Oil-based polyurethane has a strong odor and high VOCs, so are best applied to floors in unoccupied dwellings. This is especially true when using non-compliant oil-modified polyurethane or VOC-compliant oil-modified urethane. After the resin stain coat has dried seal your maple floor … Keeping equipment in good working condition and paying attention to how paper is loaded can go a long way to eliminating wave and chatter. Using a powder dye that mixes with water can be tricky but can be done. The most commonly used finishes were shellac, varnish and seal-and-wax. Since maple floors can be touchy to finish, it is never a good idea to try anew or different application tool. I always water pop!!!! There is no magic solution or tool for sanding and finishing a maple floor. What is the most popular finish for hardwood? However, with enough delicate and meticulous care, it can be done and done well. Robert Higgins, an Ormond Beach, Fla.-based independent consultant, answers: Finishing up with Woodline from Bona. If your maple hardwood floor’s finish looks scratched, scuffed and dingy, you can restore its color and luster with a new finish. The best way to avoid this problem is to make the customer aware of the possibility. Once the sanding is done then you need to thoroughly clean the wood. Somerset Hardwood Flooring. On belt machines, keep the upper roller assembly clean. For example, some hardwood species may really thrive when coated with a rich oil finish, whereas other species may be complimented by the natural clear and cool look that is derived from a water-based hardwood floor finish. So if you want to keep the raw look of oak or maple hardwoods, then a matte finish is a great choice. Maple,however, is not so forgiving. Ah staining maple. Dying the floor first then using a medium brown bona stain is a recommended application. By using wood-tone stains mixed with neutral or clear stain, screen marks will be less noticeable and the stain will appear to be more uniform. Shiny areas can appear wherever there are heavy finish spots such as drops, puddles, turn or stop marks. Wood flooring abounds in modern building construction—from apartments to homes to workplaces. Step 2: Fill Gaps and Cracks with Floor Putty. Work from one end of the room to the next going with the grain cut as exactly as you can on a board edge. The T-bar type waterborne applicator has become popular with almost every type of finish, and is a fast way to get a uniform coating. Trans Tint is a liquid concentrate and Lockwood is a powder mixed with water. Today floors are being sanded with belt sanders to 120 and 150 grit and screened with 180 grit on rotary and orbital machines. Your email address will not be published. Admittedly, when you use a dye, the application becomes a bit trickier, but you’ll often get better results. The kind of hardwood floor you have will also factor into what type of finish will work best for you. He has bought new equipment to avoid old machine problems and has tried to keep up with newer tools and techniques. Keep very exact notes of the amount of powder you used to develop your desired color on your sample . I have a client that wants me to stain their maple floors medium brown. If you offer the ability to dye floors and your competitor doesn’t, then you will have a leg up on them. However, you should not use a water sealer. The reason this phenomenon appears more in satin or matte coatings is because of the greater amount of flattening agent added to achieve the lower sheen. How to Refinish a Maple Hardwood Floor. Ready to get started? A traditional stain is something like Dura Seal’s quick dry stains or penetrating oil stain. Extremely hard and durable. This was because every sanding and application imperfection tends to show up on dense, light-colored woods such as maple, and applying finish across the grain was, and still is, a challenge. I am new home owner you hired a floor contractor to refinish my maple floor. Learning to use dyes could also be beneficial to your business. This procedure is still recommended for many floors, and especially for floors being stained. Step 5: Sand Down the Floor Surface. One person applies the dye while the other person wipes up the excess. Sandpaper discs (hard plating) were finding use on parquet and mosaic floors. It's also advisable not to let anyone enter your work area once it is prepared for finish coats. I want to be positive and not be raise your expectations . Since maple is so dense, you need to open up the grain as much as possible. How To Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors (Quick Guide) We mentioned earlier how difficult it can be to keep a matte finish floor … These can be an issue with any type of flooring, but especially with maple. Acid-Cured Finishes. This means that you do not have to re-coat … That extra sanding maybe the key to a good job. Most residential floors were oak. Acid-Cured (Swedish) Finish. Staining Maple can be done and it can be done very well. Bill Price Sr. is the president of Floormasters International, a The Villages, Fla.-based consulting business. Debris in the finish coats accounts for many complaints when finishing maple. Note that water popping the wood will cause the stain or dye to be darker than what you might realize. And although this is know- the system remarked above develops a very acceptable uniform color when staining maple on the job site. Keep sharing! The client also doesn’t want their living room to look like a gymnasium floor. If shiny streaks or spots appear, it is difficult to hide them by recoating. Water popping maple will help raise the grain and make the wood is more receptive to the stain or dye. Satin can look like semigloss; semi-gloss can look like gloss. PROTECTING YOUR FLOORS. Pros. If you’ve settled on oak and want to ensure you keep this (relatively) … Drum machines — the only ones available then — ran considerably slower than the belt sanders of today. Before you completely write off dyes in favor for stains, remember that dyes will allow you to create nearly any color imaginable. Some species, such as oak, are more likely to help the flooring contractor by hiding some of these mistakes. When using dye or stains, you also must be aware of what finish system you will be using. We strongly recommend popping the grain with water before you start staining. That means that you have to change color somehow. It is often suggested that using blue tape can help prevent those lap lines. The safest approach when abrading between coats is to always use worn or old sandpaper or screens. The second is to screen and then "pop the grain" with water and allow to dry overnight before staining. In my opinion, a classic American maple hardwood floor is best left in its natural state, with a clear sealant finish to allow the pretty grain and buttery tones to shine through. He is confident in the skills he's learned over many years, but the newer products don't seem to work the same as his old favorites.
  • Before you choose, though, you need to know everything there is to know about the pros and cons of each species to select the best one for your needs. The customer and his designer made it clear that the stain color and the satin sheen level was expected to be even and uniform over the entire floor area. You’ll want to stay all solvent based after the water soluble aniline dye. For both applications the best way to start is by sanding the maple floor flawlessly. Additionally, it is highly advisable to practice, practice, and practice some more on test panels before beginning work on a client’s floor. We have factory finished very very dark maple hardwood floors. Finish streaks; Debris in the finish; Thickness planer marks on every stair tread (new install) Maple is light in color, hard and has a closed grain. Stains on the maple floors can be a headache and the tips you are providing are really helpful for them. Before applying the dye, make sure you have detailed records of how you have mixed the dye. Again, the density of the wood and the light color tend to show even the slightest amount of dirt or dust. When fine sanding maple floors, always reduce drum pressure to its lowest setting and slow the drum speed if your machine allows for it. Dyes also highlight the natural wood grain — there’s no “muddied” look like there is when using traditional stains. Lastly, remember to never soak your floor while cleaning, or use ammonia cleaning products you'd normally use on windows. The standard industry answer to this question has been that maple floors are meant to have clear finishes, and could not be stained. You can now finish the floor with any finish you are comfortable using. With many of those early products being so forgiving, most of the problems encountered by floor finishers were procedural. The floors have what is called a dog-finish. How do I find someone who can do a good job. There are two types of polyurethane finish: oil-based (solvent borne) … Most, however, are still procedural. Maple is one of the hardest hardwood flooring … Woods with open, porous grain, such as oak, can hide a small amount of these imperfections, but they stand out on maple and other dense woods.
  • Let’s say you have a client who wants to install maple floors. Remember that water will move the color, so what you put on top of the dye color is very important. Secondly, a maple floor, if … Between coats, sealers and finishes are treated with abrasive pads with very fine sanding strips. The first is to sand the floor with 100 grit on the drum machine and the edger, and then hand sand the edges with the grain with 80grit sandpaper. Thanks for sharing. His biggest concern on this job is not his abilities, but his customer's occupation — he happens to be an attorney. Difficult to refinish (must use … Depending on the finish being applied, anything finer than 100 grit may be too smooth — always consult the finish manufacturer's directions. Then use a finish of your choice. This can create concerns for installers because of the relative instability of wide maple flooring.