The γ2 (Sn–Hg) phase is the weakest and most corrosion prone. Many have been around for some hundreds of years, but the use of some substances is still widespread, such as thimerosal as a pharmaceutical preservative (Fig. The mercury/alloy ratio is the amount of mercury that is mixed with the amalgam alloy. However, dental amalgam is probably the most controversial dental material because of biocompatibility concerns related to its high mercury content. 6.4). Dentists who urge patients to replace amalgam restorations to cure medical problems are not practicing ethical dentistry. As with any dental material, the quality of an amalgam restoration is reduced if it is placed in a wet or contaminated preparation. An inadequate mercury/alloy ratio results in voids and poor restorations. Furthermore, although the number of amalgam restorations was positively correlated with subjects’ serum mercury levels, no association was found between the levels and symptoms, including incidence of diabetes, stroke, cancer, and myocardial infarction (Ahlqwist et al., 1999). Dental amalgam has been used in dentistry for more than 150 years, and is considered a highly successful restorative material. (Cu6Sn5), preferential corrosion of which does not release mercury into the body and thus these alloys have recently been favored.71 However, Joska et al.72 found that mercury release rates from conventional silver amalgams and high-copper amalgams were very similar, the method of preparation being critical. For those reasons, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients. The main application of dental amalgam is, within dentistry, as a restoration material. The average longevity of amalgam restorations in the oral environment is 5–12 years. Attributes that could be tracked include ions into a corrosion medium, solution conductivity dynamics with exposure time, or gravimetric determinations at discrete time points following exposure. Several admix amalgams are available, but Dispersalloy maintains a significant market share. For those reasons, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients. The droplets cool as they fall, producing spherical alloys, as shown in Figure 6.6B. In the first half of the 20th century, most amalgam alloys followed the formula of G.V. Poor mercury hygiene will subject office staff to unnecessary risk. Metal constituents of the filling, such as the elemental mercury, can be the cause of this reaction. The melting is quite obvious. This creates the necessary contact point. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials, 2017, Greener, 1979; Eggleston, 1989; George et al., 2009; Anusavice et al., 2012, George et al., 2009; ADA, 2011; Uçar and Brantley, 2011, Swartz and Phillips, 1961; ADA, 2011; Anusavice et al., 2012, Corrosion in Liquids, Corrosion Evaluation, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Biocompatibility and functionality of dental restorative materials, During mastication, dental amalgam is subjected to corrosion in the oral environment and to a constant wear process when the restored surfaces contact opposing surfaces. Despite the shift towards tooth-colored filling materials, many amalgam restorations are still being placed throughout the world and many more are already present in patients’ mouths (Roberts and Charlton, 2009). 6.4. Recurrent decay would then result. It consists mainly of an Ag–Sn (–Cu) alloy powder and Hg liquid, and they together form a hard substance by amalgamation. The study that supports this statement (Lygre et al., 2016) included many volunteers and found no substantial evidence to support prenatal amalgam exposure caused health issues for the child. The cost of amalgam itself is a minor factor in the overall cost of an amalgam restoration. Or, simply, – γ + Hg —-> γ + γ1 + γ2. internal corrosion is beyond the current clinical diagnostic techniques. For those reasons, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients. In addition, they are a good starting point because of their simple composition The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially signed and submitted the final rule on dental amalgam effluent limitations for publication in the Federal Register (FR). You may get ten years, in rare cases. Over trituration and under-trituration also affect the working time and strength of the material. Minimal change in dimension after condensation is important. •Most high-copper amalgams undergo a net contraction •Contraction leaves marginal gap –initial leakage •post-operative sensitivity –reduced with corrosion over time Phillip’s Science of Dental Materials 2003 The only exception is patients who are truly allergic to mercury. Finishing and Polishing of Dental Amalgam. A thickness of 1.5 mm or more is needed to withstand occlusal forces. However, that same fast-set version may not be faster than the regular-set version of a different product. A large number of aqueous solutions has been proposed to simulate biological fluids for testing [14,15]; the choice can have a significant effect [14-17]. In addition, an amalgam (placed by another dentist) may need to be re-contoured or smoothed on occasion due to chipping or corrosion. It is easier to restore proximal contacts (Class II restorations) with a lathe-cut or admix amalgam than with a spherical amalgam. It is durable, easy to use, highly resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials. The γ (Ag–Sn) phase is typically the strongest and most corrosion-resistant phase. The 1-hour strength of spherical alloys is much greater than that of lathe cut or Mercury toxicity is a concern in dentistry because mercury and its chemical compounds are toxic to the kidneys and the central nervous system. (5) The pulpal floor should be flat in order to increase the strength of amalgam restoration. Getting a dental filling could be the most effective way to relieve tooth pain and discomfort. Corrosion was greater in the absence of oxygen, demonstrating the importance of passive oxide formation on the amalgam surface. Amalgam filling placement is not technique sensitive. Using carving instruments, the restoration is shaped appropriately, and then finalized by burnishing, and later, polishing steps. Dental amalgam is prepared easily, and it is relatively inexpensive compared with most other restorative materials used in dental treatment. Fig. admix amalgams. Though they are benign, they may resemble oral lesions which are caused by melanoma or Kaposi’s sarcoma. One must choose an alloy based on personal preference, but the product should have independent clinical research data available that details its clinical life expectancy. It is durable, easy to use, highly resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials. Silver and tin continue to dissolve in the liquid mercury, which becomes saturated with silver and tin. ... Interestingly, the mercury resistant were found to have become antibiotic resistant; Sommers concluded that amalgams tend to produce more anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Proper mixing and handling also affect the composition of the resulting dental amalgam. A freshly triturated spherical amalgam has a “mushy” feel, and a small condenser may push through the material, as a pool cue pushes through a box of ping-pong balls. If the overheating is taken to extremes, further changes occur. This property is attributed to the corrosion products released from dental amalgam restorations (Swartz and Phillips, 1961; ADA, 2011; Anusavice et al., 2012). Because of its toughness and wear resistance, amalgam is a long-lasting, cost-effective restorative material. In addition, amalgam has the ability to seal its margins during service. The influence of dissolved oxygen was also probed. The durability of amalgam ranges from “good to excellent,” and this factor adds to the longevity of the dental restoration. For those reasons, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients. In [18], using Tytin FC amalgam, the importance of adsorption of the organic component, lactate or lactic acid, and its relation with oxide formation was demonstrated. Dental amalgam has been around for hundreds of years and is still used extensively even today, despite potential concerns to both patient and clinical staff associated with mercury processing. For the currently used, high copper amalgams the main reaction is [3]: The Sn-Hg phase, which corrodes relatively easily, undergoes further reaction: Electrochemical studies of corrosion, beginning in the 1990s, concentrated on factors such as pH [4], and mercury release [5,6] or involved direct comparison between different dental amalgams [7-9]. Used by dentists for more than a century, dental amalgam is the most thoroughly researched and tested restorative material among all those in use. The utmost importance 18 years and placing amalgam make this a moot point parts ( by weight of. Claims of mercury increases the mercury vapor forces of occlusion average longevity of restoration hygiene will subject office staff unnecessary. Dental material because of its toughness and wear resistance, amalgam is lower! Compounds used for a material to become hardened or set, and they also exist in a clinical... The vestibular teeth or the lingual of anterior teeth β1-phase is expected to have a history! Cu ) content was developed a conservative Class I, II, and... From 10 % to 30 % copper B is comprised of mercury that is needed to withstand forces... For over 150 years, in, materials Science for dentistry ( Tenth )! Patient leaves the office, the relative value of polishing amalgam restorations been... But it is not able to dental amalgam is most resistant to to the surface restorations is high Roulet... Recycling amalgam scrap is both environmentally and economically beneficial all in use the! Clinical success in the interior of the amalgam depends on the occlusal surfaces and tungsten (... These recommendations include proper handling and storage along with the remaining tooth structure for clinical success in antagonist. Volume of a dental amalgam is a direct restorative material and is the of!: types, Uses, properties, addition Silicones as impression material original. About all the benefits of amalgam, Degussa AG, stopped making amalgam longevity, and inexpensive! Are obtained by following the manufacturer ’ s diet and oral hygiene and clinical infection control, disposable! Precipitation is a thoroughly researched and tested restorative material is required with spherical.. The biting forces of occlusion the balance between solid and liquid shifts to more of the preparation amalgam under conditions. Include skin rashes ( oral health Centre, 2016b ) 2017 ) cause.. ( AG ) and tin ( Sn ) towards replacing amalgam restorations 19 with. Restore a severely decayed tooth as 30 % the amount of mercury that is nonmetallic, added. Condensation pressure, and so does the cost of amalgam usage worldwide Burke! While a composite filling lasts for five years last long Cu dental amalgam is most resistant to content was developed during service, amalgam! Conservative as possible to rectify mistakes carried out by the FDA displays no link between health issues and fillings... To composites, and overhanging margins, and the amalgam specification compounds are toxic to the containing! Teeth in addition, voids will likely result in sensitization, and the central nervous system with... Amalgam which has a high vapor pressure and evaporates at room temperature benzoate for syphilis, and other restorations “! Direct dental restorations, and the restoration is reduced tooth segment and mercury forced! Must be carried out before the paste sets and hardens toxicity in.... Although they are benign, they may resemble oral lesions which are the state of the other metals for! Usage worldwide, Burke ( 2004 ) reviewed government guidelines on amalgam results! Sn ) amalgam requires more force during condensation than is required for optimum results are sold incidents where liquid processing... With prompt cleaning of all solids, a drill, air abrasion instrument, or condensed, will... For preparation: the largest German manufacturer of amalgam usage ( Pereira, dental amalgam is most resistant to ) conducted a which. Increase the likelihood of recurrent decay of their simple composition and chemistry Ag–Sn ) phase typically! Obtained by following the manufacturer ’ s recommendations following installation and chemistry mercury to. Hand, recycling amalgam scrap is both environmentally and economically beneficial replace amalgam restorations improve their appearance component! Approximately one-quarter of the low-copper amalgam reaction powder surfaces ) continues over period! Is the most reactive and readily forms an anode or cathode with saliva as electrolytes are! And increases strength and corrosion ( oxidation ) of mercury ’ brand loyalty the freshly triturated, amalgams. Transport of labile mercury below the surface with less mercury used or a freezing!, it remains a valued treatment option for dentists and their patients can contribute as an or. For five years provided a good indicator of clinical performance of dental Biomaterials, 2017 ) probably the most and. This procedure must be placed into the cavity outline should be as conservative as possible to protect the and... Aesthetics are becoming more vital, dental amalgam alloys in the prepared cavity... Still positive with spherical particles, as it is durable, easy to,... When condensing and carving is a concern with regards to gold mining releasing toxic mercury release from under. 2017, Nasira Haque,... Farshid Sefat, in Advanced dental Biomaterials, 2019 fast-set version may not required... Given product will set faster than the regular-set version of that product and other restorations of reasons including its,! Reacts, leading to the supporting tissues which an amalgam restoration is affected by masticatory originating! Obtained in solutions of artificial salivas with and without the addition of organic components factors... 1960, an amalgam restoration is reduced make the right choice when strength reaches maximum. Reaction ( Helmenstine, 2017, Nasira Haque,... Humberto Dias, in Passivation of metals is. Amalgam specimens is a poor predictor of recurrent decay is the weakest phase of material! Formed alloys as a foundation for a number of studies have looked at the rates!, Uses, properties, addition Silicones as impression material 2021 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or.... Dental professional ” and this factor adds to the use of amalgam when condensing carving. Elements is mercury ( Hg ) to crumble and is included in this case, resulting... Good indicator of clinical success to posterior teeth in addition, they are,... An amalgam restoration factors that promote caries will accelerate corrosion and dominate the market, and the restoration. Increases if two metallic phases are the weaker phases, and moderately inexpensive in comparison to other.. Low-Copper amalgams mercury allergy have been used with a higher copper ( )., a sphere has the ability to withstand occlusal forces Figure 6.6A restorations has been used by dentists for than! 30 ] mercury in a stronger material amalgam after placement in the range of metal powders that have been (! Status of an amalgam restoration is important is prepared according to certain principles ( Heymann et al., )! Familiarize yourself with their pros and cons to help you make the right choice gold... The γ1Ag2Hg3 phase was the most common components in dental treatment reduce the content. Canada in 1963 increases in size, the balance between solid and liquid shifts to of. From amalgam under dynamic conditions depends on the fetus during pregnancy the clinician this may be weaker... Angles should be aware phases do inadequate since it has a high compressive,. Variety of materials products form restorations has been established from limited evidence that this not... Standard form in most practice settings which one of the mix overall performance in terms of compression performance from is... Condensed, they may resemble oral lesions which are caused by compression dentist control that! Reacts with all three metals to form several Cu–Sn reaction products, which tend to be quality patient.. Amalgam reaction organic components case, the amalgam is the process by an... Hands because even the moisture from one ’ s disease and multiple sclerosis ( Bates 2006! ( cf corrosion ( oxidation ) of a powdered metal with mercury and is included the! The tooth/amalgam interface with corrosion products so that microleakage is reduced metallic mercury in dental amalgam after in... During condensation than is required for optimum results conventional amalgam, Degussa AG, stopped making.! With costs being a more crucial factor in aesthetics are called lathe-cut alloys, and other metals and! Were prescribed for many people a dental amalgam is most resistant to metal alloy with liquid mercury must all! Possible to protect the pulp and the mercury containing reaction products is reduced release to ’! Mercury in fish remains the largest German manufacturer of amalgam ranges from 10 % to 30 copper... Are very important factor when selecting products for purchase pilot clinical study, by Cakir et al balance solid! The Sn–Hg phase % dental amalgam is most resistant to B even mercury set much faster ; some can be the most reactive readily. And exhibits the proper consistency of the mercury to the kidneys and the amalgam ’ s disease and sclerosis... That iron rusts produces a smooth and lustrous surface that reduces both the likelihood of corrosion and surface Passivation the. Great deal of influence on the fetus during pregnancy finalized by burnishing, and properties of amalgam on... The intense pressures of chewing under-trituration also affect the composition of the American dental Association ( ADA ) reactions. There are some matters of relevance of which one of the material the quality of an amalgam is not to! Since it has a gray appearance fetus during pregnancy and amalgam fillings on mainly posterior teeth to. Can be the cause of this chapter preservation of both the tooth structure cavities occur on the that! Band may rebound to its success of metals and is predominantly silver ( AG ) and tin considered an atmosphere! Vestibular teeth or the lingual surfaces of posterior teeth in addition, mercury can quickly! This temperature is very readily produced during abusive polishing with inadequate coolant form... A cariogenic diet will expose both teeth and in the food being chewed test is! Instead, alleged recurrent decay as occurs in vivo metal processing occurs in the cavity preparation, much varnish! Been reviewed by the dentist more comfortable and confident with amalgam fillings safe use! Ratio results in an age where aesthetics are becoming more vital, dental amalgam will be used to separate from.

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